21 Apr

Art Market Magazine Issue 24– PUBLISHED!

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 ••• Art Market Magazine Issue#24 ••••
Celebrating two years of publishing!

It is really an honor to publish this month’s issue #24,
A celebration of two years of publishing. This magazine developed so much in the last two years and it’s a combination of amazing energy of such a beautiful souls, art lovers. In this issue we exhibit the genius of art fake, the amazing Tony Tetro, we also featured articles about Influential artists such as Yoko Ono, Laurence Stephen Lowry, Valette and many more can be found here. I’m very proud of this issue and also excited to publish the interview with me about the development of the magazine. I wantto thank all the people involved during these many publications, my deepest appreciation to our contributors that are doing such a great job! And I wish for all of us much love and success !
Special thanksto our new excellent contributors: Doron Azuri, Miguel Bermudez, Denis Taylor, Tim Hale, Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, PhD, Lital Marom, Paula Soito and Scott Verchin.
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We wish you all most of enjoyment !

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Tony Tetro on Art Market Magazine

Art Market Magazine Issue 24

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