27 Mar

Lens Magazine – Issue #30 – LOVE ♥ – PUBLISHED!

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LOVE    In all aspects and fields

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“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”
― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

In this month’s issue we chose to focus on the meaning LOVE in all fields and aspects. From the times where you could be arrested because of giving affection, to the times of free, open love between gay adults.

Featured Photographers:

Cover image by gifted Zvika Bismanovsky

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The International Lens Magazine Issue #30 - PUBLISHED! LOVE In all aspects and fields

Lens Magazine issue 30 , Grey Villet "A History-Making Couple"

MOST INFLUENTIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS – Grey Villet “A History-Making Couple” In 1958, Richard and Mildred Loving were arrested in a nighttime raid in their bedroom by the sheriff of Caroline County, Va. Their crime: being married to each other. The Lovings — Mildred, who was of African-American and Native American descent, and Richard, a bricklayer with a blond buzz cut — were ordered by a judge to leave Virginia for 25 years.


Raphael Perez on Lens Magazine Issue 30

Raphael Perez – “Love Between Adults”-
Primarily a painter, but here was revealed another side of his work photographing, Deals with the relationships between men and women, two men and two women and demonstrates the complexity of the relationship sensors Compassion, beauty and love between two adults of any age and gender.


Tim Copsey on Lens Magazine Issue 30

Tim Copsey -love and affection-
This photo shoot was a collaboration where we wanted to explore how we could express a connection between the two models.

Orna Naor on Lens Magazine issue 30

ORNA NAOR – Intiment moments –
“From beginning to end,
love has many forms and various exposures.
​​​​​​​Motherly love, Teens love, Couples love, all ages and sexes, and children’s love of their old parents.
Love is our hope. Our need.
To give and to get.
All we need is love.”

ZVIKA BISMANOVSKY on Lens Magazine Issue 30

ZVIKA BISMANOVSKY -Reflect of emotions-
I use my surroundings to reflect emotions, I use the sun rays for burning, but at the same time embracing the subject that is in front of me.

Nino Herman on Lens Magazine Issue 30

NINO HERMAN – Love in Tel Aviv
“In the past few years I’ve been documenting the local community Florentine, Tel Aviv. I find inspiration and charm in the simplest things in life. Photography embodies more than the final image. It is a platform to create, connect and develop a relationship of trust.”

MARCEL GOODMAN on Lens Magazine Issue 30

MARCEL GOODMAN – “Love” at the Safari
Lions within a pride are often affectionate and, when resting, seems to enjoy good fellowship with lots of touching, head rubbing, licking and purring. The males are territorial, and will roar and use scent markings to establish their domains. The greeting ceremony is performed whenever lions meet to reaffirm social ties and confirm pride membership.

Omri Shomer on Lens Magazine Issue 30

Omri Shomer – Daydream About Her
“Creative photography is the new way, for me, to express myself as a professional creative person. Photography gives meaning to my life Without it, I would probably lose my sanity, because it gives me a voice. After seven years, in which I only wrote and was under the sort of intense pressure that only an advertising agency can create, I have had enough of writing. Photography gives me the ability to carry on telling stories, without writing, and, in particular, to continue creating which is the most important to me.”

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