14 Feb

Lens Magazine Issue 41 – PUBLISHED!

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אנו גאים להציג את הגיליון ה-41 של המגזין הבינלאומי לצילום אמנותי

★ Issue #41 -Humanity – PUBLISHED! ★

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We’re very happy to publish this month’s issue dedicated to “Humanity” in all aspects and fields, From arresting a suspect, mental problems to Holocaust survivors. 
We open this issue with an intimate talk, special interview with award winning, excellent and appreciated photographer Ziv Koren, We also feature beautiful projects by emerging excellent photographers from all over the world including a beautiful project by Iranian Photographer Kam Abasi. This is a very touchy and gentle issue. We wish you most of enjoyment.

Participating Photographers (Articles&Interviews):


Cover Image by Ziv Koren © All rights reserved

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Lens Magazine Issue 41 Special Interview with Ziv Koren

Special Interview with Ziv Koren on Lens Magazine Issue 41, February 2018

Special Interview With  ZIV KOREN by Omri Shomer Ziv Koren is a professional Israeli photojournalist. With a successful career of thirty years, it seems as if he was “always there”, being the first to arrive at the scene and the last one to leave, all so he can uncover the truth and present to us, viewers and readers, the most accurate description of the chain of events. I believe it would not be an exaggeration to say that Koren is the voice of an era, maybe even the voice of several ones. Thanks to him, valuable information was made accessible to the masses – from events regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict to the existence and unfolding of humanitarian cases and natural disasters across the sea.


MAREN ELIZE KLEMP - Between Intervals -

– Between Intervals –
My goal is to raise awareness of mental health through my work. I consider «Between Intervals» to be a plunge into the darker sides of the human mind, and the images are visual representations of conditions associated with mental illness. The pictures tell about those who are gripped by darkness, isolation and sadness, and about relationships with close family. They tell about the lack of belonging, to live in a separate world that few or no others can enter or understand. It’s about the fog that comes creeping, which overpowers and paralyzes, the invisible disease.


The Bedouin of the Jahalin Tribe by Yaniv Nadav

The Bedouin of the Jahalin Tribe by Yaniv Nadav,
The Bedouin of the Jahalin Tribe original from the Tel Arad district of the Negev desert. Their traditional tribal territory ranges from 50km north-east of Beer Sheva to 30km west of the Dead Sea and 30km south of Hebron City. Tribal history relates that from 1949 the Israeli Authorities began a campaign of forced evacuation against the Bedouin in the Tel Arad region.


- Humanity - by Allan Gliger

– Humanity –
by Allan Gliger
People are why I shoot. 
To connect, to feel alive, and to be aware that we are all connected. To experience life and all its diversity. To appreciate that we are not alone. No matter where we’re born, where we may die, we all love, we all laugh, we all cry and experience sadness and loss, we all feel fear, anger, joy and happiness, each perhaps in our own way, but each nonetheless.
And so this is what draws me, what I try to capture when I shoot. Everyday people, Everyday live, Everyday emotions. The common thread that runs through each of our lives.


HIDDEN SOULS by Omri Shomer

HIDDEN SOULS by Omri Shomer,
What happens when we can’t see the eyes of the person we are looking at? I asked myself this after studying almost obsessively about the connection between the eyes and our emotions. Does our brain try to make up for what we can not see? What stories do we tell ourselves?



OSHER PARTOVI “Backyard”, This series of photos displayed here, were taken mainly in two different places: one in my “backyard” the Orthodox city of bney brak- Israel, and the other far away in the countryside of Romania. The thing that I like in these two places that in both of them there is a feeling that time has stopped there.



This project was taken on November 2017 during my trip to Zanzibar.
A heart taking a combination of white beaches, turquoise colored water, a different rhythm of life and wonderful people.  And the kids! Go straight to your heart. They have no material things, but so much happier. Their eyes go deep into your soul.
We have so much to learn from them, the people of Zanzibar. They have so little, but they are so rich with things we already forgot that exist and how to enjoy them. Before I left there I sat in front of the ocean and inhaled deeply everything. Hoping it will all stay with me for a long time.
Pole pole they say there. Slowly, slowly…

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